Tamil Nadu State Hajj committee

The Tamil Nadu State Hajj committee, was originally constituted in 1958 by an executive order of the government of Tamil Nadu.  The MInister incharge of Wakfs is the Chairman of the Committee.  The Committee was lastly reconstituted on 02.08.2001 with 25 members including 10 co-opted members along with Member Secretary, Tamil Nadu Hajj Committee to assist the pilgrims.  The term of the committee is 3 years.  Action has been taken to reconstitute the Hajj Committee as per the Central Act, 2002.

Functions of the Committee

Source of Finance

Government Assistance


The Functions of the Committee are as follows:-

1) Receipt, Scrutiny and Selection by draw of lots (if necessary) of all Hajj applications from Tamil Nadu.

2) Receipt of passage fare and other dues from Hajj applicants for  transmission to the Central Hajj Committee, Mumbai.

3) Clarification of all points raised by Hajj applicants then and there.

4) Deputation of Hajj volunteers every year to look after the welfare ofthe Hajjis of Tamil Nadu in Saudi Arabia during every Hajj season. 

Deputation of one or two representatives in the Building Selection

Team, every year.

5) Issue of Hajj Guide Books in Tamil and Urdu every year for free

distribution to Hajj applicants.

6) Issue of book on "Hajj and Umrah" in four languages free of cost to all Hajj applicants of Tamil Nadu.

7) Bringing to the notice of Central Government, the Central Hajj              

Committee, Mumbai and other agencies, any difficulties faced by 

Hajjs for rectification.

8 Making of supporting arrangement for operation of direct hajj flights from Chennai to Jeddah and back.


The sources of finance include Government grants, optional (voluntary) donations by pilgrims, advertisement charges (for Hajj Guide Book) and subsidy by the Central Hajj Committee, Mumbai.  The Travel Allowance of members of the Committee and Officials are met by the Government.  The accounts are audited every year b a Chartered Accountant.


The Government have been sanctioning grants to to the Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee every year for:-

a) Administrative expenditure of the Committee

b) The expenditure on deputation of Hajj Volunteers to Saudi Arabia.

c) Deputation of representatives to Saudi Arabia in Building Selection


The State Hajj Committee provides all facilities to the extent possible to the pilgrims proceeding from Chennai every year.

The Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee has its own office premises with all modern facilities.  The office is fully equipped to provide services to Hajj Pilgrims.

The State Hajj Committee has simplified the procedure for obtaining the medical and health documents.  The Hajj committee has provided health booklets in advance to the pilgrims so that the inoculation certificates and the medical certificates could be obtained at the convenience of the pilgrims from their native district.  The Committee is also arranging to administer meningitis inoculation at various district headquarters based on the concentration of pilgrims and staff of the Committee are deputed to assist them.  During the Hajj season 2003 the Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee has sent about 2800 pilgrims for Hajj.


Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee >> Muslim Women Aid Society

Muslim Women Aid Society was founded at Chennai on 1st October 1892.  The Society has been registered under the Socieities Registration Act.  The main objects of the society shall be to help any destitute Muslim widow with monthly allowance and to help deserving Muslim ladies and girls and to organize a Home for training destitute Muslim women in Khadi Crafts and Small Scale Handicrafts.  The Society raises its funds by accepting donations from volunteers.  The Government is sanctioning Matching grant for the amount raised by the society from 2001-2002 onwards.

 A sum of Rs.71,306/- lakhs has been sanctioned to the Muslim women Aid society, during 2002-2003.


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