Reservation Benefits


The Government of Tamil Nadu is now providing following reservation benefits for BCs/MBCs/DNCs in appointments in State Public Services and admissions into Educational Institutions irrespective of income of the individual/family.


Backward Classes

26.5 %


Backward Class Muslims                         

3.5 %


Most Backward Classes /  Denotified Communities

20  %


Scheduled Castes                        

18   %


Scheduled Tribes                              

1  %



69  %


Meritorious candidates belonging to BC/MBC/DNCs are considered under OPEN COMPETITION along with other meritorious candidates belonging to SCs/STs/FCs.  Therefore BCs/MBCs/DNCs who could not be considered first under  Open Competition are subsequently considered under the above 50%  exclusive reservation quota for BCs/MBCs/DNCs(BCs:30% +MBCs/DNCs: 20%).


Under the GOI scheme,  subject to 'creamy layer' conditions, 27% reservation is available for OBCs (BCs/MBCs/DNCs)  in appointments to GOI Services.

Exemption for Government Employees:

i) For calculating income for purposes of 'creamy layer' conditions, the income from salaries alone is exempted in the case of individuals appointed in Central/State Services.  However income from all other sources such as House rent, agriculture, business etc. will be taken into account without exemption.

ii) All other Direct Recruitment service  etc. in the case of Group A and B (Class I & II) Officers in Central/State Services will be applicable without any exemption, as stipulated in the GOI Notifications for elimination of reservation benefits under 'creamy layer' conditions.

List of BCs/OBCs

A detailed Correlation Statement between State BC/MBC/DNC list and Government of India OBC list is also made available at the beginning of this website.



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